"The Hunting Hut" was shown at Les Rencontres d'Arles Photography Festival, 2011, and formed part of a more complex collaborative

project. In the context of the “What's Next?” Discourse by FOAM, our project "Categories" addressed the current development of

Photography by depicting certain photographic conventions which we claimed to be successful in the art world. Therefore, we

analysed various styles that we had discovered to be reappearing in our closer surrounding, especially by artists who had graduated

from our own school, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Each style, we defined into a category (portrait, collage, still life, nude, theory and

the hunting hut as an example for a very german tradition of photography focusing on archetypes of construction.)


Due to my personal affinity and a resultant stronger commitment to this part of the project, "The Hunting Hut" is the only category

presented here into detail. For more insight on the whole project, see the Foam Magazine, "What's Next?" Issue #29 .



The sketches by Uncle Heinrich served as the guide line for the construction of the hunting hut in Arles.

In the context of the exhibition, they were only indirectly shown, in the video “Uncle Heinrich Explains How To Build A Hunting Hut”.

"Categories" is a project in collaboration with Ola Lanko, Sara Glahn, Wolf Mulder, Berend Otto, Kamila Stehlik, Elmer Driessen and

Nickel Van Duijvenboden as supervisor of the project. Technical support by Liam Tickner.